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Flexible Plastic Packaging Film

Welcome to Accrued Recycling

Accrued Plastic Ltd.’s Recycling Division specialises in purchasing and handling redundant and obsolete flexible plastic packaging films of all types and sizes. Having over 30 years’ experience in the flexible packaging industry, we understand film!


Many companies carry stocks of film which are no longer required, tying up cash flow and restricting warehouse space. To this end Accrued Plastic’s Recycling Division has developed a business strategy that can turn your obsolete stock into a valuable cash asset. Let Accrued Plastic help you and the environment, whilst saving you a little money.


Accrued Plastic’s Recycling Division can assist companies in meeting their targets to minimise their impact on the environment. Purchasing, recycling and selling post-industrial and pre-consumer flexible packing is our speciality.


We can tailor a waste management package to suit your recycling requirements.


Flexible Solutions
30 plus years experience in the packaging industry
Redundant Packaging
Turn unwanted film into cash
Recycler of Flexible Packaging Film
Professional Disposal of Your Plastic Waste.

Products we buy!

The Recycling Division specialises in the purchasing, collecting, recycling and trading of flexible plastic packaging films (including chipped and flaked varieties). In addition to this we are also interested in paper products. Our facilities and expertise within the packaging industry enable us to provide businesses with a tailor made collection and disposal service for plastic products.

If you have a product available that isn’t shown on the Products we buy! page or are unsure whether it has a value for being recycled, please don’t hesitate to make contact with us to check. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle:


At Accrued Plastic we are happy to work along with manufacturers, converters and end users (large and small). We have the infrastructure and experience to deal with large quantities of material, but are equally interested in small quantities and single items as well. So whatever you have, why not ask us what it’s worth?


Accrued Plastic’s Recycling Division has assisted many companies in turning their production scrap and waste back into a valuable product and a source of cash. Ultimately, this has saved a great deal in waste collections and associated landfill costs, whilst also contributing to their business being more environmentally friendly.


Accrued Plastic’s Recycling Division can handle multiple varieties of flexible film in various formats, including:recycle bopp linkpage

  • Un-printed
  • Printed
  • Single web
  • Laminates
  • Reel formats
  • Baled
  • Chip and flake


In order for Accrued Plastic to give you the best price possible we will require details of the film and its specification. Photographs and an idea of the films age would also be an advantage. Our aim is to obtain the best possible market price for your stock (up to 70% of your original purchase cost subject to specification and condition).

  • As with all plastics, the cleaner and less contaminated the product is the more it will be worth.
  • We can advise on how to separate your plastics and how best to pack them, ready for sale and collection.
  • Collection will in most cases be carried out by us on registered waste carriers.


Please see our products page for more detail on the products we can quote for.

What happens to your plastic waste?


We recycle and re-use as much of the plastic collected here in the UK. If this isn’t practically possible, we use our long standing partners in the Far East to recycle there.


If you have film that is of a more sensitive nature (for instance with print or a special design feature), then we can offer written guarantees or destruction notices to give complete peace of mind.

What should you do next? 


Gather together as much information as possible about your waste and scrap materials and get in touch with us. We shall then have an informal discussion about your requirements and if necessary we can arrange a site visit in order to further assess the situation. There is absolutely no charge for this consultation process as we welcome the opportunity to help. 


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